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How-To buy ADA and send it to your personal Wallet

In this guide, we will show you an easy way to buy ADA and send it safely to your personal private wallet in Yoroi. You can chose every Exchange you prefer. I am using mostly Coinbase.

First of all go to Coinbase and create a new accout. Follow the instructions from Coinbase carefully. Use a strong passwort and 2FA!

Buy Cardano

After you done the whole registration progress you are able to buy cryptocurrency.

  1. Login into your Coinbase Account
  2. Click on the Buy/Sell Button
  3. Chose your Asset (Cardano)
  4. Select the amount you want to purchase (on the right arrows you can change between Fiat/ADA)
  5. Select your prefered payment method
  6. Click on the preview buy to see how much you get for your Fiat money
  7. In the last step confirm with the buy button.


Send Cardano

  1. Go to your Yoroi Wallet
  2. Select Receive
  3. Copy the Adress left from the QR-Code (There is no Adress? Just click on “Generate New Adress)
  4. Go to your Coinbase Dashboard and select Pay
  5. Select Send and chose ADA
  6. Enter the amount you want to send to the wallet
  7. Enter the Adress (Keep in mind! The Cardano Adress starts always with addr)
  8. A note is optional
  9. Click on preview send and check the Adress again.
  10. Click on send now

After a view Minutes you will see under Transactions in your Yoroi Wallet the incoming ADA.


Don´t forget to delegate your Coins to a Pool to earn more ADA as an passive income! You don´t know how? Learn it here!


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