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GoGreen – Our Project to safe the world!

Dear Cardano community,

we are Nora and Benedict from Benedict Rose Crypto Mining and today we would like to introduce you to our Forest Stake Pool WOOD and tell you a bit more about our motivation.

The world is on fire!

It’s not new that there has not been done enough about the forest dying in the past and unfortunately the related consequences are noticeable increasing every year. The forest, which is essential for the world’s survival, is dying at a rapid pace and it’s on us to change this, as we are the only one with the power to do so. As you might all be aware of the topic, we do not want to go into detail here, but it’s our goal to raise the awareness of the one or the other.

Causes for the destruction of the forests 

The biggest reason for the forest dying is primarily air pollution from exhaust gases such as nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. These pollutants dissolve in rain and lead to acid rain. This acid rain destroys important nutrients in the soil.  Another reason is, among others, the massive use of nitrogen fertilizers in agriculture or the use of manure from factory farming. This fertilizer makes the trees grow faster, but it has at the same time the big disadvantage that the trees are less resistant against diseases and parasites.

Other environmental influences such as the climatic changes in the world also contribute massively to the damage of the forests. As there are even more violent storms that torn down trees and cause a massive loss of forests. And increasing severe and prolonged periods of heat and the resulting drought let’s our forests suffer even more. Especially in Germany, fast-growing conifers were planted after the war, even in areas where they are not native. The high temperatures also make the spruces very vulnerable to bark beetles and other parasites. There are hardly any real mixed forests anymore in Germany.

The worst part: it’s a vicious circle – due to the climate change in the world, and related storms and heat waves, a massive forest dying is caused, with the result of a decreasing biotope for animals and increasing parasites and therefore a smaller storage of CO², which will lead to an even higher climate change. It’s on us to stop this vicious circle.

Our task

But it’s not too late. We still have the chance to make a difference to safe our world and the forest dying. And we will do so! And the good part is, that everyone has the chance to join us, within their own possibilities.

Initially we will focus on our forests in Germany and donate money monthly for initial reforestation, forest conversion, forest protection and forest regeneration.

In the first step we will choose the locations, that is going to be supported, but within 2022 it is our desire to introduce a voting system for you, our community, to vote for the perfect location for the donations.

Even though we are focusing on the German market first, we are selecting projects from all over the world.  How much money flows can of course be seen transparently on our homepage: https://rose-bergbau.com

Our motivation

We both love to hike through the magical forests of Germany, but unfortunately walking through the woods, seeing chopped down parts of the forests, also always has a negative connotation due to the mentioned reasons. That’s why we decided to change something! And my affinity for technology has ultimately led us to think about the blockchain of Cardano and the “climate-friendly” proof-to-stake process to give a chance.

We are particularly excited about the possibility of being able to make supply chain management transparent. Even though it is still in its infancy, it has huge potential. It is an important step in the right direction to balance the financial unbalance in this world a little bit.


Our homepage is currently still being updated to eliminate errors.

On Twitter we will keep you up to date. Furthermore, a Telegram profile will follow.


The Pool

Name: Forest Stake Pool

Ticker: WOOD

Margin: 0%

Pledge: 300 ADA (will be increased permanently)

Fixed costs: 340 ADA (costs for server/electricity/tax/time/donations)


We hope that we can welcome you soon at our pool, because we know together we can make a small contribution for a better world.


Plant a Tree – Safe the World



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