Margin to 0%

Margin to 0%

Current Situation with the margin

Dear Community,
after talking to friends, colleagues and family, as well as some people who have been active in climate protection, we have come to the decision that we are reducing our margin.

0% margin starting from the next epoch

Transparency is important for us.Therefore, we explain to you here briefly what the pool costs us, excluding time.

Monthly fixed costs
Website – 1€
Domain DynDNS – 1€
Relay1 – 9€
Relay2 – 9€
Electricity – 16€
Blockproducer is already paid. Costs only for electricity.
We are talking about 36€ monthly costs. This is really nothing.

How are 340 ADA fixed costs per epoch distributed?
Pool costs – 20 ADA / one-time – Remaining epochs in the month go to donations
Reinvestment in the pool (pledge) – 120 ADA
Donations – 200 ADA + 45€ every month from us for 3 Trees on top.

How does it work out for the future?
We are not a non profit organization. That means we will take a percentage of margin in the future, never higher than 0,5%.
Higher margins will be discussed with the community. However, it is not about our own profit, but what percentage of additional donations should be taken from the pool.

Best wishes
Ben and Nora


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