Monthly Recap November

Monthly Recap November

Hello dear Cardano Community,

Wow…what a month! We started our stake Pool on the first of November this year under the name Benedict Rose Krypto-Bergbau. But this name does not fit at all to our goal to make the world a better place. So we decided to give our pool a suitable name. Forest Stake Pool with the ticker WOOD. What else we done this month?

  • Proud Member of the Cardano Climate Cardano Group
  • Updated our Homepage to a new design
  • Donated a lot of money for our forests
  • Talked to some Chartiy Partners and hopefully doing some partnered projects in the future.
  • Added a third Relay
  • Node Update to 1.31.0

The Servers himselfs running without any Problems.

unfortunately we were not able to get any delegates in the first month yet. But we are looking forward to december and hope for many good days with progress.


Until then have a nice time and don´t forget to delegate to our Pool 😉


Ben und Nora


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