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Project PayBack – We refund our Fix Cost back to our Delegators

Nowadays it is hard to get new delegators to join a pool. Even if they donate most of their money to charity, hardly any of the stakers would want to give up their regular income. And also to deposit the needed pledge to create a Block is almost impossible for us. But this one we will increase regularly.

Therefore, we, the Forest Stake Pool, have decided that we will payback our 340 ADA fixed costs to the delegators for 10 epochs. So that they have a little compensation to the outage as if they were on another pool.

I hope we can encourage some people to delegate to us. We are mission driven pool and donate money monthly for initial reforestation, forest conversion, forest protection and forest regeneration.

Our Pool has:

0% Saturation

0% Margin

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!

I hope your holiday season is full of peace, joy and happiness. Merry Christmas with lots of love.

  1. 340 ADA fixed costs as payback to the delegators
  2. maximum 10 epochs with one block find each – 3400 ADA total
  3. it will be distributed in percentage to the Stake. Less the SPO Stake
  4. who has more than 80% of the total stake gets 100 ADA fixed. 240 will be distributed among the others again on a percentage basis.
  5. payout after two epochs with blocks
  6. payout fee will be paid by me



  1. minimum 100 ADA staked at Forest Stake Pool
  2. delegator must stay 2 epochs with blocks, otherwise he is no longer legitimate and loses his right to the payback

Questions? Twitter ForestStakePool


Pool Hardware
Our pool runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. This can be achieved by a redundant system running over different ISPs.

I3-10100 – socket 1200
4 Cores 3,6ghz
16gb 2666 ram
240 GB high performance ssd
1x Vodafone
System is upgradeable at any time to meet the current specifications of the network.

2x Relays
6 CPU vCores
300gb SSD
Relays also run redundantly and can be upgraded at any time.

The servers are all secured against unauthorized access. In the further course of this project two more relay servers will be added.